3D Edison review Type - A : Make any TV a 3D TV with your Family



As the subject implies, what you’re reading here purposefully encourages individuals like yourself to help funding this project for the sake of realizing such a technological advancement to be obtainable at consumer level.The proposed project package (product) is simple – it turns your ordinary TV that you watch on a daily basis, let it be an LCD display or projectors to produce 3D video. Yes, it’s that easy.

Simply plug-in an HDMI cable to your existing TV and connect the other end of HDMI to the palm-size console (3D Edison). Turn-On the 3D Edison console via the provided remote controller and start watching any TV@HD/FHD 60Hz Programmes, DVD Movies, Blu-ray Movies and play 2D/3D Games in 3D immediately at the comfort of your home or desktop. Yes, you’ll need to wear the Edison patented 3D Shutter-Enabled Glasses as included in the package. 

Core System of 3D Edison


3D Edison System comprises of a 3D Console and a pair of 3D Active Shutter Glasses. All you need is your existing TV Set with an HDMI Input and a Media Source such as Standard TV Program me, DVD / Blu-ray Player and/or Gaming Consoles including your PC/MAC resolution@60Hz with an HDMI Output. This includes all Gaming Consoles + PC / Mac that are equipped with HDMI output. As the chart shown above, 3D Edison utilizes the latest 3D Active Shutter Technology on their glasses but without the expensive 3D TV Set. The 3D Edison offer greater 3D effect than the most expensive 3D Setup!

Core Advantages + Versatility of 3D Edison


The maximum resolution output of the 3D Edison is 1080P / 60Hz at Full HD! This means without the expensive 3D TV Set, you’re able to enjoy watching any TV programmes, Movies from your old DVD / Bluray and Play Games from your PS4, XBox or PC/Mac at Full HD 1080P@60Hz in 3D! Moreover, there are 6 Parameter Settings for 3D Effect!

3D Edison supports BOTH Resolutions of HD 720P and HD 1080P


Although, 3D Edison is affordable and meet general consumers’ price range, this DOES NOT mean that it sacrifices on its resolution. 3D Edison supports BOTH Resolution of HD 720P@60Hz and FHD 1080P@60Hz !It is made with the consumer in mind as it provides the highest resolution compatible with any 2D TV with HDMI Input and any 2D DVD/Bluray Player/Gaming Consol with HDMI Output.

3D Edison allows you to do the followings:


• Watch Your Favorite TV Programme in 3D (let it be HD 720P@60Hz or Full HD 1080P@60Hz)

• Watch Your Favorite Movies in 3D (let it be DVD or Bluray in 3D)

• Watch Streamed Movies from Google ChromeCast in 3D

• Play games in 3D

3D Edison – Sources 2D or 3D?


The 3D Edison Consoles accept BOTH 2D and 3D signals. This means, you can watch contents in 3D whether the playback content is encoded in 2D or 3D.

An Example:

• If you playback any digital contents (DVD or Bluray) that is encoded in 3D, the 3D Edison Console will 

simply “BY-PASS” its own 3D Generator and use the one from the DVD or Bluray.

• If you playback any digital contents (DVD or Bluray) that is encoded in 2D, the 3D Generator in the 

3D Edison Console will be activated to enable 3D in Full HD

Type A - 3D Edison Make Any TV a 3D TV


3D Edison - Connection

1. Connect the an HDMI Cable to the INPUT of 3D Edison Console and the OUTPUT of any media 

source that is equipped with an HDMI Output.

You can connect the 3D Edison via an HDMI cable to ANY Media Sources of the followings:

  • Cable TV or TV Top Box with HDMI Output
  • DVD Player with HDMI Output
  • Bluray Player with HDMI Output
  • Game Consoles – PS3 / PS4 / X-Box / Computer PC@60Hz / Mac@60Hz with HDMI Output
  • You can connect the 3D Edison  via an HDMI cable to ANY TV / Monitor of the followings:
  • Ordinary TV Set of Any Sizes with an HDMI INPUT
  • Hi-End TV Set of Any Sizes with an HDMI INPUT
  • Ordinary Computer Monitor with an HDMI INPUT
  • Hi-End Computer Monitor with an HDMI INPUT

2. Connect a 2nd HDMI Cable to the OUTPUT of 3D Edison Console and the INPUT of any 2D TV / Monitor / Project / Display.

3. Connect the supplied Power Cord to the 3D Edison Console and the AC Output of the Wall AC Outlet.

*** The 3D Edison Console accepts AC Voltage between 100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz***


3D Edison – Adjustment of the “Depth” of 3D


The 3D Edison Console is equipped with 6 LEVELS of Adjustments in relation to the DEPTH OF FIELD and is separated into 2 Setting of “Inward 3D” and “Outward 3D.” Each of the 2 settings allows 3 different level of adjustments in both the (1) Inward Field Depth &(2) Outward Field Depthvia the remote control - (Strong / Medium / Weak).

3D Depth Adjustments – (1) Inward 3D & (2) Outward 3D Effects

(1) Inward 3D Effect – indicates the 3 Dimensional Field Depth that protrude INSIDE the different layers of 3D moving images / video.

(2) Outward 3D Effect –indicates the 3 Dimensional Field Depth that protrudes OUTWARD LAYERSof of 3D moving images / video outside your TV screen.

An Example:

Just imagine, in the movie when Pinocchio lied to his father and his nose grew longer and longer.

• You can adjust via the Inward 3D Effect of (3 Settings of Strong / Medium / Weak) to set how far 

INSIDE Pinocchio’s body go into the different layers of the background.

• You can also adjust via the Outward 3D Effects of (3 Settings of Strong / Medium / Weak) to set how 

far Pinocchio’s nose goes OUTSIDE of the SCREEN!

3D Edison – Adjustment of the 3D Active Shutter Glasses


The 3D Edison review - Console provides its users with precise calibration of the provided 3D Active Shutter Glasses to your TV or Monitor Screen. Thus, users must calibrate the 3D Edison Console & its accompanying 3D Glasses before the initial use.

By pressing the “ Glasses” button ONCE on the remote control, the user initiates a GUI screen on his/ her TV and enter into the 3D calibration mode.

With the LEFT & RIGHT buttons on remote control, the Correct 3D Calibration can be achieved.

*** ONLY ONE SIDE of Calibration is required***


Adjusting with your LEFT eye closed

• When looking from your RIGHT eye, the contents in the RIGHT or LEFT section of the screen should stay, the 3D Calibration is successful.


Adjusting with your RIGHT eye closed

• When looking from your LEFT eye, the contents in the LEFT or RIGHT section of the screen should stay, the 3D Calibration is successful. 

Additional Notes with Calibration

Button Glasses Setting on Remote

1) LV Button: Delays 2 milliseconds (1~9 levels)

2) SL Button: Delays 0.2 milliseconds (1~9 levels)

For TV suggest: LV7 SL4 Inward Week

For  Projector : LV1 SL3 Inward or Outward Strong

Buttons on Remote and functional

【Power Button】
Try to go nearly as possible to 3D Edison to power it on. IR must be within good range and in line of sight. Once you press the power button, the LED light behind 3D Edison goes red.
【3D Button】
Press it once and it should turn your screen blurry meaning you are in 3D mode. It is converting a 2D image to 3D with a press of this button.
【Directional Buttons】
These are the directional buttons. You'll be using this for cycling through different settings and hitting "Ok" to set the setting etc.
【OSD Button】(on-screen display aka menu).
Here's where you'll access pretty much all the settings for 3D Edison except for the settings for the glasses.
【OSD Exit Button】(aka return/back button)
Let's you go to your previous step or exit out of the OSD.

【Glasses Button】
This open up a setting that's not available in the OSD menu. You get a menu with 2 panel settings: LV and SL. You can adjust both panel LV and SL from 1-9. This is basically where you try to get rid of any ghosting issues.

【HD Button】
TV be compatible with 3D Edison if it's not compatible with FHD.
【FHD Button)
Enjoy content in Full HD if your TV has Full HD capability.

【TV Button】
To change things back to normal.
【VR Button】
This is for people with Virtual Reality headsets. So, if you want to experience what guessing is limited VR this is for you.
【3D Depth Buttons】

Left (purely white arrow) and right (black arrow with outer white line) arrows. The left arrow when pressed for the first time is adjusting for the inward setting. The left arrow when pressed during the inward or outward setting just cycles through their settings (but doesn't change to inward or outward.) The right arrow when pressed for the first time is adjusting the outward setting. The right arrow when pressed during the inward or outward setting just cycles through their settings (but doesn't change to inward or outward.) There are three settings to cycle through: weak, medium, and strong.

【Mute Button】
Pressing it makes no difference.


Quick Start Guide

1. Plug all cables to the appropriate locations on the 3D Edison box. 

  • Connector a HDMI input cable to the HDMI input.
  • Connector a HDMI output cable to the HDMI output.
  • Connector USB cable to 3D glasses(optional). 
  • Connector the 3D Edison power supply.

2. Grab the remote that was included in the packaging. Place the batteries and also, make sure the batteries are alive.

3. Press 【Power Button】 on the remote towards 3D Edison to turn on system and check power led states.

4. Press 【3D Button】on the remote towards 3D Edison. This will make the screen blurry. What you are doing here is converting a 2D image so that it can be seen in a 3D format.

5. There are two buttons with arrows at the very bottom of remote. They are   【3D Depth Left Arrow】 and   【3D Depth Right Arrow】.Press once   【Depth Left Arrow】 and Keep In world and Week for TV/Monitor(Medium/Strong setting are propose to using for LDC project). 

6. Make sure you are in the right scene mode. You can see what scene you are in by going to the OSD menu. 【OSD】>【3D】>【2D-3D】Scene and you have four choices: 【Movie】【Games】【Picture】【Text】. If you are watching a movie, choose movie. If you are playing a video game, choose Games.※Note: Only stay on【2D-3D】mode that you can make this choice. 

The others options for SBS、T/B、2D mode:

  • 【OSD】>【3D】>【3D(SBS)】Support input SBS format 
  • 【OSD】>【3D】>【3D(T/B)】Support input Top/Bottom format
  • 【OSD】>【3D】>【2D】Back to input 2D format

 7. Grab your 3D glasses. Hit the  【power button on glasses】 (small polygon shape button in the middle). You'll see the glasses turn darker. If the glasses stay that way the whole time, it's a success. If the glasses go dark for 4 sec or 6 and stay off, you are unsuccessful. Reason could be you are not in 3D mode. You must be in 3D mode to have the glasses stay on. ※(a)The glasses needs to charge    before you fist use. (b)After full charge, the LED will turn-off automatic.(c)Glasses will stop working once the system left the 3D mode(d)The glasses will automatically stop working after 5 seconds.  

8. Make sure your room is dark (Keep LUX <3) as possible to avoid the annoying constant flickering. Closing the blinds/shades should do a good enough job.

9. Play and pause around a movie (recommend animation or movies that include animation such as Avatar, Cars, Frozen, Toy Story etc.). If you are seeing constant flickering on the screen, try adjusting the Back-light/ Brightness of your TV. Also, disabling motion enhancers and some of the TV settings.

10. Press the 【Glasses Button】 on the remote towards 3D Edison. This is where you adjust the 3D image so the 3D image is as clear as possible. ※Right eye see right picture as Left eye see left picture.

11. Notice in the previous step (9.), there are 2 settings you have to adjust: LV and SL. You can adjust both from 1-9. Adjust until you see as minimal ghosting as possible. ※3D Mode recommend LV2 SL3 ,2D to 3D mode recommendLV1 SL3 / LV7 SL4/LV9 SL3 with Movie scene as the selection and a Weak Inward setting.



■Support any TV @HD/FHD 60Hz

■To support all glasses in the operative distance.

■ No need a 3D TV or 3D Projector, still enjoy 3D vision.

■ Support HD/FHD/4K 2D TV@60Hz.

■ Support 4K 2D TV / 4K Active 3D TV @FHD Mode.

■ With chargeable shuttle RF2.4G 3D glasses, simply focus to have clear 3D image.

■ Depth of field adjust available.

■ Leverages NVDIA ‘s award winning 3D Vision technology .

■ HDMI inputs resolution : FHD/HD/480P (24Hz/60Hz) Supported 

■ HDMI outputs resolution : FHD/HD (60Hz)Supported

■ 3D Input Format : Side by Side (Half)/Top and Bottom/Frame Packing

■ 3D Output Format : 3D Frame Packing/Side by side supported

■ 2D to 3D conversion.

■ 2D Bypass,3D Bypass

■ HDCP1.2/HDMI 1.4a

■ 2D to 3D Image:

           (a)6 stage adjustment for Depth of Field

           (b) Inward  3 levels

           (c) Outward  3 levels

           (d) user mode support


■ Power Supply: 

                            (a)AC100V-240V , 12VDAC/0.5A


                            (c)LEVEL VI Compliant

■ System Size: 3.5(Ø)x 10(H) cm

■ System Weight: 300(g)

Trouble Shooting -3D Edison Rev:1.2


(1) Can 3D Edison Rev1.2 support DLP Projector?

 Actually Yes!Please select the exclusive perk 

(2) Why 3D Glasses can't stay on 3D mode?

After I push 3D glasses power button that glasses will auto off after 3 secs?  

(a) Please unplug power cable from system then plug in power cable.

(b) Please keep away your wifi device (Ext: cell's wifi/wifi mouse etc....), 3D Edison have 3 channels to auto switch of 2.4G signal,if this 3 channels was busy to use by the other device that glasses can't workable.

(3) Can 3D Edison Rev1.2 support PS4/PS3 3D Games on 2D TV?

(a) 3D Edison Rev1.2 can support 2D to 3D when you play 3D Gams.

(b) 3D Edison Rev2.0 will support PS3/PS4 3D games.

(4) Why my image break @FHD mode and it normally @HD mode?


(a) The display device can't support real FHD image, so please push HD button on remote  to get correct resolution.

(5) Why I can't play Blue-Ray DVD?

Please check your DVD regions in your country.

(1) District 1: United States, Canada, United States jurisdiction

(2) District 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)

(3) District 3: Taiwan, Southeast Asia, East Asia (including Hong Kong, Korea, etc.)

(4) District 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, Caribbean

(5) District 5: Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union), Indian mainland, Africa, North Korea, Mongolia

(6) District 6: Mainland China

(7) District 7: There are no designated areas

(8) District 8: Special international jurisdictions (eg airplanes and yachts)

(9) ALL area: all area playback machines